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A Proud History Of Blending Fashion With Style

Innovating Beautiful Ideas Since 1976.

Branché Beauty Inc. takes beauty sleep to whole new level. Our exclusive quality and craftsmanship has gained a customer base that includes the world’s most luxurious spas, hotels, and in the most exclusive beauty apothecaries, linen shoppes, and gift boutiques. Silk amino acids resemble those found in human skin, creating a perfect synergy and a balance pH that help to boost skin hydration levels.

Our products are based on the natural healing and restorative properties of silk to provide luxurious pampering and rejuvenating sleep experiences. Branché exclusive weave of silk is offered in eleven beautiful shades, these and all of Branché products are developed by designer creator Donna Hinds Gaynor, a leader in the design and textile industry since 1989, ensuring exceptional detail to comfort, fit, craftsmanship, and quality. 

Donna Hinds Gaynor, creator and founder of Branche Beauty Inc. brings over 20 years of textiles and design experience   Forever drawn to nature, beauty, style and design… Living in Hong Kong and traveling extensively throughout southeast Asia changed my view of the world… 

Born and raised in the small river town of Hannibal MO, famous for Mark Twain’s boyhood stories, Branché founder Donna Hinds Gaynor childhood was every bit as colorful as these classic tales. Her vivid memories include playing Hide and Go Seek on horseback with her brothers and sister, packing saddlebags with Barbies and peanut butter ‘n jelly sandwiches, so she and her best friend Heidi could ride their horses out to the back pasture to play and admiring the smooth satiny pillow slip which had been part of her mother’s bridal trousseau. 

Donna’s early love of textiles unfolded into creating Branché, her own line of women’s fashion. In 1994, Branché became one of the first environmentally friendly lines, and the name, taken from the French term for “hip” & “connected”, was perfect for the company that remains the culmination of Donna’s design degree, yoga certification, energetic healing studies, and natural, organic lifestyle. Donna Hinds, CEO / Creative Director. Donna earned a BA in marketing from the University of Denver and a Certificate in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Branché Silk

Because You Deserve Nothing Less.

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