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Nothing feels as exquisite as Branché Silk.
Extraordinarily soft, silky and lustrous, our exclusive silk charmeuse
is simply without rival.

1. amazing benefits of silk

Prevent wrinkles and sleep creases.
Boost skin and hair hydration.
Polish the epidermal layer for visibly smoother skin.
Extend the life of hairstyles, eyelashes & extensions.
Reduce frizz, tangles, breakage, and hair loss.
Polish the hair cuticle for extraordinary shine.

2. not just silk…It’s Branché Silk

Branché Silk is created using sophisticated, proprietary technology. Our “Slow Weave” method is unique to Branché, resulting in a more refined silk with unrivaled luster and smoothness.

3. because you deserve the best

Irresistibly glossy and lustrous, the exceptionally smooth surface of Branché Silk provides maximum benefits. Silk Amino Acids resemble those in skin and hair; creating a perfect synergy to enhance healing, balance pH and boost hydration.

simply a better eye masque

Branché was the first & still the best!

Derm Rev grey

those who know, choose Branché

we were the first, we’re still the best!

physician recommended

Recommended by doctors to enhance REM sleep, improving all of the body’s regenerative processes, including boosting production of melatonin, HGH and collagen to promote skin’s deepest recovery.

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